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I know a family with a child affected by autism – I need to learn more to help

October 11, 2016 Leave a comment

On Autism and helping the children and families:autism_awareness_ribbon

Autism is a new challenge that humanity is facing. Children and adults with autism are seen to have problems in socialization,  communication and could engage in repetitive or stereotypic behaviors . Below are some examples of how autism manifests :

  • Very low or fleeting eye contact with others in environment, even when the child is being addressed 
  • Walks on toes
  • Is aloof, preferring to play with himself or herself, does not show interest in actions of others
  • Does not have appropriate peer relationships
  • Does not show empathy, may not look or offer help when someone else is in distress
  • Does not have appropriate play activities
  • Cannot communicate own needs or spontaneously comment on events around
  • Does not speak
  • Repetitive movements such as rocking, hand flapping
  • Repeatedly talking only about one or two favorite topics (dinosaurs, fire engines); limited interests
  • Non contextual speech, excessive giggling
  • Aggression causing injury to others or property destruction, Self-injurious behaviors

Autism should rank alongside epidemics such as Aids or Cancer in terms of both the devastation it causes on individual lives and families and in terms of scale.

In the United states the occurrence rate has accelerated to one in 88 children. Conservative estimates put the number of affected children at 2 Million in India.

So What could the rest of us do to help the family with a child with autism:

If you know a family who has a child with autism, apart from giving your time, moral support and showing sensitivity:

  • offer such parents hope that there are well researched and evidence based methods based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • inform them that with guidance from ABA professionals (see ) their child could learn new skills and become stronger and better adapted with consistent training

There is more information on the hope offered by Behavior Analytic interventions in




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